Princess for a Day: 5 Disney Inspired Hairstyles

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It should come as no surprise when we tell you that Disney is all the rage right now. Brands such as KISS Nails, e.l.f. cosmetics, Sephora, MAC and other big names have all partaken in the trend with palettes and glosses and eyeshadows galore. To say we love the trend would be an understatement.

To show our approval of all things Disney, this week’s curated post showcases various hairstyles all inspired by Disney characters. Channel power with ringlets that bring out your inner Merida, wax romantic with a Cinderella updo, or keep it demure with a glossy bob a la Snow White.

Elsa’s Braid from Frozen

Unless you’ve watched the previews and trailers, you probably aren’t too familiar with Elsa, Disney’s newest character. The film Frozen comes out later this month (November 27), just in time for the holidays. The story was inspired by The Snow Queen, a fairytale penned by Hans Christian Anderson. Sweet, huh? YouTube user Rotoscopers shows you how to get Elsa’s signature braid. Why not wear it to the premiere?

Merida’s Orange Curls from Brave

Merida is known for her independence, strength and determination. She’s also known for her wild, fiery orange/red curls. Seriously — those things belong on the cover of Vogue! To get those super buoyant ringlets, you have to create something called “straw curls.” As Mindy from CuteGirlsHairstyles explains in this DisneysStyle YouTube video, this takes some time, but isn’t very difficult. Once you release the curls, apply some orange/red temporary spray.

Snow White’s Voluminous Bob

While Merida is known for her wild orange curls, Snow White is known for her raven-black bob. This video tutorial by YouTube user Emma Pickles actually walks you through Snow White’s entire makeup look, which is dramatic, but super pretty. The hair tutorial starts at around the 3:15 mark. Emma actually creates a faux bob since her hair is longer.

Aurora’s Dramatic Curls

Has anyone else seen the new Maleficent trailer featuring Angelina Jolie as the fierce villain herself? So good! We can’t wait for the movie to come out in 2014. Anyway, this tutorial’s inspired by Aurora from Sleeping Beauty (you know, the chick that Maleficent has it out for). Like the Snow White tutorial, this tutorial by YouTube user LisaFreemontStreet includes a full makeup how-to. The hair tutorial starts at 3:30 and shows you how to get Aurora’s dramatic curls.

Belle’s Signature Updo

YouTube user TheMakeupChair calls this a “perfect day to night look inspired by Belle from Beauty and the Beast.” Like the Aurora and Snow White videos, this one also features a cosmetic how-to that pairs nicely with the hair. What’s cool about this look is that it’s super wearable and works well for a variety of hair types. The actual hair tutorial start at 1:10. You may want to curl your hair before beginning to recapture that ultra romantic, voluminous hair that Belle has. Keep watching to see TheMakeupChair transform this look into one that’s suitable for nighttime.

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princess for a day 5 disney inspired hairstyles

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